Legend of Edda

This is the new game I'm hook right now. They look like walking anime figmas. XD
This are some of my screen shots of my character.


Capt's Logbook: Darkmeiser's New Adventures

Heyya! all! It's me darkmeiser and im here again to tell my stories of adventures in uncharted waters online! :)

Well, first of all it's not easy to write a Hall of Text. And i must clearly explain what adventures I experienced. As much as possible i will try to elaborate it clearly and i will also include some screen shots..

Chapter I

*New hope, new adventures!*

December 11,2010
There was a time in my journey in life came to a point where I don't know what to do next. I was in Oslo at that time and suddenly all the things have stopped. All the courage and promise to a great adventures have vanished.


UWO Game crash solution

Since obt of the game until now I never had a problem with the game, except the error like "game failed to initialize" but all i have to do is to restart my computer or re-installing the whole file of the game and it will run smoothly again. Sometimes that error is cause by some new programs that i've installed in my pc.

There are some players who have already quit the game because they can't fix the problem they experience with the game. Some of them haven't experience the game in obt but after a server maintenance their pc will freeze and crash.

I'm not that good on technical problems with UWO but I hope this solution will help some of you there who had this kind of problem too. Thanks to this dude who posted what he did when his pc freeze while playing Uncharted Waters Online.

He pointed 2 things that has something to do with the game crash. Windows 7 and AVG.

It seems that GameGuard, the game’s anti-hack and cheat protection program, has some problems running with AVG. AVG, specially AVG 2011, sees it as a threat and blocks it from running and if GameGuard can’t run then the entire game won’t run either.

If you have this anti-virus installed in your computer it would be best to 1)uninstalled it, 2)change your AV, 3)disable your AVG and 4)add UWO to your AVG's exception list.

As for Windows 7, it seems that the game, Uncharted Waters Online, is not 100% compatible with the operating system. Running it on Windows 7 or even Windows Vista will cause instability which can lead to freezing or crashes.
This is what he did for the Win7, run the game in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode.

Though not all of the problem experience by players can solve this solution, it still depends on the machine you are using and the programs installed on it. I'll try to update this article for some error-solution i can find in the official forums of the game. So for now, enjoy your adventures!

Credit to: ROMELO


Capt's Logbook: Aides for Captains

Captain Anjel's Log                                - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

February 15th, 1495

As you progress through world, encountering the dangers at sea, making great discoveries, or becoming a trading power house, it isn’t a feat you should manage alone. Certainly you can travel with a Company or a Fleet, but also as you attain certain Milestones, you can hire Aides to assist you in your adventures. They can back you up in various roles, with their support skills, or just to keep you company as you travel. They can play a beneficial role in your travels as they develop their support skills you can focus your attention on building your own skills.


Capt's Logbook: Communicating

Captain Anjel's Log                                - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

February 10th, 1495

The oceans of the world are vast, but even when there is no one on the horizon, we do not sail alone. There is a plethora of ways to communicate with other voyagers as we make our ways through the adventures, trials, and discoveries within the world. Look over them, there are many to be used and perhaps a few that would be good to have additionally. Taking a closer look is the theme of this entry, for even though we might spend our days at sea alone moving towards our own goals and achieving our own fame.

Coming to an end?

I was really fascinated by this calculation by some geeks out there on the net when he said that all is happening according to the prophecy. Look at the numbers below.

September 11, 2001 - when the U.S. was attacked by some terrorist
March 11, 2011        - Japan was hit by an enormous earthquake of magnitude 9 and tsunami

now let's convert that to this:

9 11 2001
3 11 2011
12 22 2012 <<< Though the Mayan calendar will end at 12-21-2012

I search the net for some event that will happen on that year, and look what interesting things I've found. Some of this articles are dated back from 2005.